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Nobody Cares
​Posted on September 23, 2014
​Maybe you’re on this website because something involving the police has happened to you or someone that you love.  Answer this question though: Did you care about police brutality before it happened?  Too often we try not to think about how the job is done, just that it is done.  In other words, we don’t care HOW police get the criminals off of the street, just that they do it.  This is where the problem lies.  When we focus on the end result instead of the means as well, the people in power ultimately run wild with that power.   Remember WW2 and how national pride turned into the holocaust?  Nobody cares about how the police carry out their job until your loved one has a broken eye socket from a 9 cell flashlight, a torn rotator cuff from a handcuffed up being jerked up, or burn marks on their skin from a taser. Nobody cares….until it is too late.  Care now for what is happening and the abuse will be curbed, before it is too late.
Putnam County Enters Death Derby
Posted on July 29, 2013
I am proud to announce that Putnam County has entered our derby. Several officers of the Sheriff’s department went to a man’s home and Tasered him 8-10 times. When they were through, he was dead.One point.

Redneck Death Derby
Posted on June 10, 2013 
Tennessee has its lottery and sporting events have scores, why even NASCAR, keeps score. So its time, with Bonaroo starting to have a redneck sporting event. THUS–The Redneck Death Derby. Points are given as follows: One point for a death and one half points for only a close fatal injury. Hot, Hank, Jr., and beer drinking at its best.Currently Cumberland County and White County are tied 2 a piece. Overton County County has one & one/half because the man survived. Stayed tuned to this Blog and listserve for updates.
​The Redneck Warrior.

What you don't tell your lawyer can hurt

Posted on November 7, 2014

Nothing will happen.  No one will find out.  Everything will be okay if I don't say anything.  Being honest with your attorney is one of the most important things you can do.  Whether you've been charged with a crime, your children have been taken by the DCS, or you are a victim of police brutality, it is important that you be upfront with your lawyer.  The rules of evidence are designed, in part, to keep confusing issues from seeing the light of day in a courtroom.  However, one thing that is always on trial is your truthfulness.  One lie, one omission, one misstatement can open up an entire can of worms at trial that otherwise would be kept out.  Please, please, tell your lawyer everything.